About Three Wings

Three Wings is a 501(c)3 youth-led non-profit organization located in Seattle, WA. Three Wings is governed by the following Bylaws. Leadership of Three Wings is divided between the Board of Directors and the Queer Youth Space Organizing Team.

The name Three Wings comes from the three-pronged approach that we developed in order to confront heterosexism and heteronormativity.

WING 1 | Cultural Activism Lab: builds queer peer support networks, positive youth identities, and community pride by providing a space where queer youth can socialize, work, and create together. The Cultural Activism Lab will include a cafe, arts and cultural gallery, performance/class space, and community organizing spaces. Open and free to the general public, the lab will serve as the face of Three Wings.

WING 2 | Wellness Collaborative: provides critical education to address the disparities for health and well-being experienced by queer youth.

WING 3 | Research and Education Institute: works to positively impact the policies and cultural practices that negatively impact our community by developing a “think tank” that builds leadership and promotes policy and community change through research, education, and advocacy.